Exhibition & Retail Design

Expozone have been designing exhibition stands for over 30 years, since before we had the convienence of 3D computers. It is not just about being able to do the 3D thing as an IT skill, it is design, for the purpose of selling your product by getting you seen and visited in the exhibition and retail environment. Having the ability to draw and sketch while thinking laterally produces better design solutions than sitting in front of a C4D, AutoCAD or VW computer. Experience means we can work to budget and produce presentable design documents on time. Years of workshop and site experience has brought an expert understanding. Projects are treated with the upmost confidentiality. Expozone work only with industry clients and not for exhibiting company directly. Your 'in-house' expert a is here ready to join your team.

Expozone uses a BIM system to produce 2D working drawings directly from the design model, updating is automatic as changes are made to the 3D the 2D drawing brought up to date. We provide details and specifications, we do electrical plans and advise on exhibition site order forms. We know about lighting, special effects and AV too. 

Expertise in exhibition and retail design coupled with technology skills keep us at the leading edge of creative retail and experiential design.

Architectural 3D

3D Visualisation sells the architectural experience to your clients, planners and the general public.


Photo-realistic Images

Promotional Films

3D Animation

Photomontage & CGI

Innovative bid responses.

Urban Design and Masterplanning


Urban Design models

Terrain and Context Building models

Conceptual Imagery

Design Development

3D Animation

Walk through 3D web viewing

Concept Testing

Expozone can produce layered ‘Before’ and ‘After’ web models where several alternative proposals can be viewed from any station point the viewer chooses to navigate to. This is particularly useful for public consultations, where the public are invited to view the proposed development in the run up to a planning decision.

3D Architectural Visualisation helps your design team initially to understand the architectural issues.  Expozone is skilled at placing the model where anyone with a browser can easily navigate it, both with and without intervention proposals shown in layers. Using simple geometry to begin with, the evolving design can be updated periodically on that platform so design the team can see the updates immediately.

Early 3D modelling helps your team understand the constraints of a site, development parameters, and optimises its potential impact. Once a model is prepared views can be output very quickly for documents.  Expozone are experience in building envelope work for right to light, shadow falls and noise management.  3D mapping data is imported from various sources and then tested against LIDAR data to ensure a high accuracy. Survey data is imported if/when available.

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