EXPOZONE design & visualisation

• 3D Architectural Visualisation

• Urban Design Visualisation

• Drone Surveying

• Exhibition and Event Design

I understand how a team of consultants work, who does what and why. working in architecture, urban planning, planning and feasibility, development -knowing what's needed for these very different types of work, being able to work with you to tailor presentations, formats, set ups, key images, analyses, etc .

Knowing how to make an image sing, understanding the sensitivity of lighting and graphic techniques to bring out the very best in your image. Being artistic, having an art based background, being able to help with image and presentation composition, producing 'rushes' to explore creatively with you how best to get the image view, setting and presentation right. Simply being on side, on site, here and available, in person and not in some distant land and timezone. 

I burn the midnight oil when you need to make a big impression at a meeting tomorrow ! 

Now, I have qualified and got my CAA flying approval to use drones professionally I can help clients with the planning process in another way. I can capture a site survey and process the topo drawings and 3D surface mesh within one day ( in most cases). I can take the aerial shots and build-in the proposed 3D all in one place.