EXPOZONE design & visualisation

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Expozone have been working with Architects, Planners and Exhibitors for over 20 years, fitting in as a cohesive member of their in-house team or working from our office. With our unique blend of skill, experience and expertise makes us a quick and easy solution for all your 3D and modelling requirements. Knowing whats available, where to get it, how to get - being able to quickly, easily and competitively source base material, construct complex models and bases, utilise a bespoke library of elements built up over a wide range of special projects, having an in house portfolio of elements and components to draw from.

We work with your team, being in the office with you at key moments in the project, understanding deadlines, meeting them despite extra ordinary timings etc., We understand how a team of consultants work, who does what and why. working in key sectors - architecture, urban planning, planning and feasibility, development - knowing what's needed for these very different types of work, being able to work with you to tailor presentations, formats, set ups, key images, analyses, etc . Being skilled, knowing how to make an image sing, understanding the sensitivity of lighting and graphic techniques to bring out the very best in your image. Being artistic, having an art based background, being able to help with image and presentation composition, producing 'rushes' to explore creatively with you how best to get the image view, setting and presentation right. Simply being on side, on site, here and available, in person and not in some distant land and timezone. 

We burn the midnight oil when you need to make a big impression at a meeting tomorrow ! 

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