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About Us

Expozone is fortunate to operate in one of the most fast-paced and exciting parts of the marketing industry, working across the world and meeting great people. So we count ourselves as privileged to work in such an invigorating and people-friendly business.

The partners each have about 25 years of exhibition industry experience with Aerospace, IT, Travel, Food and Drinks, Sport, Medical and Pharmaceutical, Automotive and Governments.

Our approach to stand design is about functionality, visual effect and visitor experience effectiveness. 

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How we work together

How it all works is:- You get in touch with Expozone, send us a brief with a budget estimate. We design the stand, working through a process with you until we are ready to go out to tender. Based on location, type of stand, size, etc. we pick suitable builder(s) to work with on costs and delivery plans. We present the proposal of design and costs with a nominated builder. This proposal will include timeline and payment schedule. Once agreed we draw up a contract.

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